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MIELLE ORGANICS Rice Water Clay Masque

MIELLE ORGANICS Rice Water Clay Masque

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Rice Water Hair Products for Natural Hair

Each Rice Water treatment has been proven to take your damaged hair and increase moisture to improve its health and appearance. Help strengthen your hair's elasticity to help prevent hair damage while also creating shine and hydration for your natural hair. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to healthy hair growth with our new line of Rice Water for hair! With a variety of Rice Water hair treatment options, there truly is something for every hair type. Whether you have curls, coils, or kinks, Rice Water is a must-have in your hair care regimen. Check out this product line to find out what Rice Water hair treatment products work for you and your natural hair.

Rice Water Clay Masque

  • Dual purpose masque, the perfect detoxifier for hair and body.

  • Designed to detoxify by removing impurities.

  • While depositing moisture back into the hair and skin.

  • Ingredients such as rice water and yuzu hydrate both hair and body.

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